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Warehousing Services in Lagos.

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Warehousing Services in Lagos Nigeria.

A warehouse is a planned space for the storage and handling of goods and materials. Sometimes you send your goods from abroad and you find out that you will still need time to keep it somewhere to avoid been stolen, tampered with or damaging, Then you need a secured warehouse, The warehousing you need should not be too far from the port where the goods is actually cleared  because of the additional cost of transportation. Sometimes it is very advisable for customer to put and secure their goods in the warehouse if they know it a perishable goods that need icing, we will provide you an affordable cold room warehouse for the goods that need to be kept secure in the ice block. Kindly note that it is a risky thing to keep your goods in a warehouse that is not fit for some specified goods which are liable to perish within shortest period of time. The reasons for keeping goods in the warehouse rather than in a room is for the goods to be safe and kept away from theft, stolen and damaging.

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There various types of warehouse in Nigeria as far as Lagos is concern, The reason why we lay more emphasis in Lagos is because it is the most populous state in Nigeria where we have the biggest port and most of our recommendation will be bore down to Lagos.

Public Warehouse: This is a warehouse that is owned and operated by private individuals for renting purpose. Those who open a public warehouse use it as hire to any interested persons and groups who paid rent fee to the owner of the warehouse.

Manufacturer Warehouse: This is a warehouse that is owned and controlled by producers or companies who are into the production of goods. The companies or producers established the warehouse in order to store their goods after production until they are needed.

Bonded Warehouse: The bonded warehouse is a warehouse that is used to store goods whose duty is are not yet paid. Once the owner of the goods settle the custom duty a release “warrant” will be issued by custom authorities. This document empowers its holder the goods named on it. This warehouse is normally located at the borders and operated by the custom authority.

Wholesale Warehouse: This form of warehouse is owned and controlled by the wholesaler for storing goods after purchase from the producers until they are sold to retailers or directly to the final consumers. The wholesaler buy in bulk from the producers and sell in small units to the retailer therefore, the wholesaler break the bulk of goods purchased and kept them in the warehouse until they bought.

State Warehouse: the state warehouse is created by the government to store contraband or smuggled goods seized by the custom authority.



There are many locations in Lagos where we can easily get a warehouse but we will be mentioning those we are conversant with, below are list of warehouses in Lagos:

1. Apapa warehouse Location

2. Ikeja warehouse Location

3. Nahco warehouse Location

4. Mowe warehouse Location

5. Arepo/Magboro location

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Are you looking for a warehousing to keep your goods on arrival? then we got you covered with our  process Our sufferance warehouses enable us to handle bonded cargo and the de-consolidation of containers. Operating our own warehouse means better cross-dock services, first hand data in case of a shipment shortage or discrepancy, as well as more flexibility in special circumstances such as after-hours pickup or delivery. Whether our cargo comes in crates, cartons, bundles, pails, drums or hanging units, and no matter what the size, we handle it all with the utmost of care.

We are also pleased to make available to our customers, a storage and distribution service. Many small businesses have limited storage and distribution facilities. Once their cargo is cleared, shipments can be stored in our warehouse for distribution at a later date.

While storage and distribution can be a useful extra service to our customers, we always do our best to keep your supply chain well managed for a quick turn-around time from procurement to final delivery. Kindly note that we negotiate the storage on your behalf so as to get a good deal. Contact us today on  234-8099050213 Delarfreight & Logistics Limited and Enjoy a Difference in Quality Customer Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed with all our Services.

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